Siôn Roberts | video editor

video editor


I'm Sion, a video editor with an instinct for narrative cutting. who specialises in Avid Media Composer. with extensive online editing experience. based in Manchester, UK.

My work as an editor generally falls into two camps - I'm invested in pursuing a career as a narrative editor, which is to work on scripted productions such as TV drama and film. I've worked in this capacity more and more over the last few years, adding children's dramas and short film credits to my CV, and continually developing my own methodical, fast and instinctive approach to storytelling.

I'm also an experienced online editor; a role that allows me to be part of broad variety of production types, and can cover anything from colour grading to vfx to file-encoding and delivery; essentially, the finishing stages of a post-production workflow.


Free from January 2019

My work

You're only as good as your last job, or so the saying goes. I've been lucky to work on a variety of different types of programming, especially as an online editor. Below are some favourite examples that I've worked on in either capacity.

Girl Alone | Old Hall Films

dir. Keith Farrell, prod. David Arrowsmith

Offline editor | 1×13’

A girl with a dark past finds herself alone and on the run. But sometimes moving forward is harder than it seems...

Girl Alone is the latest short I've edited with director Keith Farrell. Structurly it differs from the norm and challenges the viewer along the journey until the end. It's been a really satisfying project to work on - Amy James-Kelly as the lead is immense - hopefully it'll to do well on the festival circuit.




Showreel 2019

Coming soon!

Online Demo Reel

A demonstration of the kind of thing I do as an online editor.