Siôn Roberts | tv & film editor

tv & film editor


I'm Sion, a freelance editor driven by a passion for narrative story telling. who specialises in Avid Media Composer. with a background working in a post facility. living near Cardiff, UK. with almost a decade of broadcast TV experience. who can colour grade and build visual effects.

Rabbit Punch | Tile Media

dir. Keith Farrell, prod. Philip Meachem, Leah Blackaby

Offline editor | 1×15’

A young refugee has come to Manchester in search of a new life, but it's come at a price. Brutalised at home and bullied at school, his only answer is to lash out at the world around him.

Based on a real events, Rabbit Punch is the first short film I've edited with director Keith Farrell, and we've gone on to make a couple of others since. It's been shown at many festivals across the world and has even won a couple, including best Best North West Short in Bolton 2017!



My work as an editor generally falls into two camps; I'm focussed on pursuing a career as a long-form narrative editor, which is to work on scripted productions such as TV drama and film. I've worked in this field more and more over the last few years, continually developing my own methodical, fast and instinctive approach to storytelling.

I'm also an experienced online editor, a role that gets me involved with a variety of different types of productions, and can cover anything from colour grading to vfx to file-encoding and delivery - essentially, the finishing stages of a post-production workflow.